Thursday, 24 November 2011

Class 9th (SA-II) MATHEMATICS Assignment-2011for FA-3

Class 9th (SA-II)
MATHEMATICS Assignment-I (For month of November)     

Q1.  Determine the point on the graph of the linear equation x+y=6, whose ordinate is twice its abscissa.
Q2.  How many solution(s) of the equation 3x+2=2x-3 are there on the
          i) Number Line            ii) Cartesian plane
Q3.  Draw the graph of the equation represented by the straight line which is parallel to the x-axis and 3 units above it.
Q4. Find the solutions of the linear equation x+2y=8, which represents a point on
           i) x axis                            ii) y-axis
Q5.  For what values of c, the linear equation 2x+cy=8 has equal values of x and y as its solution.
Q6. Give the geometrical interpretations of 5x+3=3x-7 as an equation
           i) in one variable              ii) In two variables
Q7. Draw the graph of the equation 3x+4y=6. At what points, the graph cut the x-axis and the y-axis.
Q8. At what point does the graph of equation 2x+3y=9 meet a line which is parallel to y -axis at a distance 4 units from the origin and on the right side of the y-axis.
Q9.  P is the mid point of side BC of parallelogram ABCD such that AP bisects angle A.
Prove that AD =2CD.
Q10. Prove that bisector of any two consecutive angles of parallelogram intersect at right angles.
Q11. E and F are respectively the midpoints of non parallel sides AD and BC of trapezium. Prove that EF is parallel to AB and EF=1/2(AB+CD).
Q12.  ABCD is a rectangle in which diagonal BD bisects angle B. Show that ABCD is a Square.
Q13.  Diagonals of Quadrilateral ABCD bisect each other. If angle A = 35 degree, determine angle B.
Q14. The bisectors of angle B and angle D of quadrilateral ABCD meet CD and AB, produced at point P and Q respectively. Prove that angle P+angle Q= ½(angle ABC+ angle ADC).
Q15. In parallelogram ABCD, AB=10cm, AD= 6cm. The bisector of angle A meets DC in A. AE and BC produced meet at F. Find the length of CF.
Q16. Evaluate: (5x+1) (x+3)-8= 5(x+1) (x+2).

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